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ISSUE ONE - Prelude will be available to read this Friday and mannnnn are we excited to finally release it! It has been way too long since we released a comic to you guys and we apologize for the MIA. There were a lot of underlying issues that needed to be addressed/fixed from the old comic series in order for us to move on with the story. After NYCC 2013, we planned to release series 4 but, we ended up just going back to the drawing board and thought maybe we should just do a re-vamp from the origins instead. The re-vamp started in December of 2013 and we had the layout, script and ideas all laid out on the table. We also decided that it was time to let go of the old comic series so we removed it from the site altogether. So, for all you who have our first two 'printed' comics that were given out at different CON's you should keep them! The old series was just too flat and the art wasn't the same as all of our newer pieces. From 2011 - until now, we really evolved as a team and so has our art in general. 

Zora's look has changed over time and we decided to go with this current look from now on. The Bullifrogs needed some serious 'TLC' as well, so we re-worked there character design and gave them more personality. The coloring is also something we wanted to change as well for the re-vamp. Escape from The Bullifrogs to Friends in High Places, was just very flat to us and really didn't have any continuity in the coloring aspect of the whole series. Mike Spicer our new colorist, is extremely brilliant and talented when it comes to color. It definitely shows in the new re-vamped comic. He really made the characters come to life and set the mood for the issue page by page. Our new Art Director, Jon Hunt, was in charge of this whole comic project and we are very happy to have him on our team to provide structure and the right guidance we need to keep pushing forward in projects. 

We definitely plan on printing a limited edition run on our own that will be up in the shop in a week or so. Also, we plan on publishing our new comic issues with a leading publisher too... More updates on this in the coming months! In the meantime please enjoy issue one and feel free to let us know what you think of it! It will be available to read this Friday - 4/4/14.

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