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FALL [comic con ends]

Comic Con rush is finally over! whew...This was our best year yet, by far! We are so so grateful for all of our fans and all of the new fans we met too. We are currently working on new collectible pins for next year and they are currently in development. Don't worry you'll see teasers soon [we promise]. Our new Gold Edition tier was very popular and as well as the mystery bags [which we will be doing again asap] for those missing pins in their collection. Thank you all for stopping by the booth(s) this year! See you all next year at NYCC 2015! Stay up to date on all of our new and exciting releases in the coming weeks and months!

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Nov 16, 2014 • Posted by thinknoodle

you should not end this fall comic con it is really great and you should not be ending this the other people will be mad at you guys and will type rudewords to you guys so do not stop the fall comic con so do not end it and i gave you a warning

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