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There is no dark-side here when it comes to S2B2. We decided to really develop something massive that everyone would remember for years to come. With SB we made him much larger than anything we've created and standing at 9" tall its absolutely our biggest figure yet. He is extremely heavy and can definitely hold up your books on your shelf if needed. He will be available opening day at New York Comic Con this year and will be very very limited! 


Q:A with Frombie creator Adam Litvack


F: What was the inspiration behind the concept of S2B2?

AL: It seemed like a no brainer going into this project. I love Star Wars! Who doesn't? The only trouble we had during the design phase was figuring out which character would fuse best with our character pool. After many weeks of deciding, we pulled the trigger on SB and R2D2. 

F: How did this all go down? How many concepts did you guys go through before choosing this one?

AL: Andre Kerry and I sat down and talked about the characters we wanted to fuse. At that point he already sketched out about 4-5 great concepts in mind for this project. We shared these concepts with everyone in the office here and even in Hong Kong. After they all voted we narrowed it down and went with this design.

F: How big is this figure compared to your other figures you've released? 

AL: Massive. Just massive. About a 5" width and 9" height alone are substantially bigger than any other figure we've created. We primarily work smaller with our character pool, but we wanted this one to be the "flagship" figure for us. We couldn't have seen it any other way but this size. 

F: Do you have plans on releasing any other color ways for S2B2? 

AL: 100% The black version (Sith2B2) will be available for pre-order at Comic Con this year!

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